Zotero hacking, making big collections hackable, intro to hacking with Processing

Friday, May 30th, 2008 | dan chudnov

Is it obvious I’m a total hack?

The project I wrote up in my application was to demo adding Zeroconf to Zotero, with the goal of having a little tool for anybody with a Zotero collection to run to let them instantly see and “borrow from” the collections of people nearby, like in the same office, or in the same coffeeshop, or in the same part of the library stacks. I’ve made a lot of progress on this and with the help of a few Zotero- and otherwise code/network-savvy campers I think we can finish this well enough to pull off a compelling demo of the idea.

If you’re not already a coder, but might like to learn to hack some, I recently started a video tutorial series called learn2code. The goal is to introduce basic concepts of programming using the Processing computer art platform. Processing is very easy to learn and incredibly fun to use, and can make a magnificent platform for data visualization and interaction. I’d love to do a quick session introducing Processing, since it might be a tool you can use in your work, and it really is a lot of fun!

Also, I spend most of my time working on something called the World Digital Library. We’re prepping for a spring ’09 release, but in the meantime, we’ve learned a lot about how to build an app like this (multi-lingual faceted search with Solr was a big one), and I’d enjoy the chance to give a tour of what we’ve done so far. More importantly, though, I’d like to learn from you what we might be able to do at the Library of Congress (where I work) to help make our resources like WDL and others more useful in digital humanities work.

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2 Responses to “Zotero hacking, making big collections hackable, intro to hacking with Processing”

  1. Endrina Tay Says:

    Dan — you rock!! I’m not a coder but want very much to learn, so learn2code is the kind of thing someone like me needs. I’m definitely interested in your session on Processing.

  2. Bess Sadler Says:

    Dan, that zeroconf zotero demo was fantastic. No one expects an experimental hacking session to be glitch-free, and everyone got it working! I hope the functionality gets built into the zotero software because I think it could be incredibly useful.